Organic/bio-organic chemist and analyst

Posted 8 months ago

We are looking for an organic/bio-organic chemist and analyst for the chemistry department.

Job Description

Scientist, in the chemistry team, performing research and development of peptide/protein-based drugs.

  • Peptide chemistry (on resin, and in solution synthesis).
  • Small molecules coupling and bio- polymers conjugation.
  • HPLC/UPLC analytical methodologies (RP, SEC, ION).
  • MS analysis.
  • purification methodologies via preparative HPLC, extractions and precipitations.
  • Planning of scientific experiments and synthetic routes, hands-on lab work, high level of documentation.
  • Conducting of literary research.


  • Ph.D graduate organic/bio-organic chemist, or M.Sc graduate
  • Experience in organic synthesis (Advantage- 2 years of experience in the industry)
  • Excellent English required for documentation, reports, and communication with third parties
  • Ability to plan ahead, and conduct studies according to tight schedule
  • Ability to lead a scientific project and also be a team player
  • Fast learning, and good organizational skills.

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